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Preserving the Environment

THM is passionately committed to recycling and reducing waste. We are constantly looking at ways of diverting waste from the land fill and redirecting the waste to reusable products.

We reuse our pallets with a return program to our vendors. We recycle up to 75 pallets every week.

In addition, we have been working hard at reducing our own carbon footprint. Since, 2010, we have cut our energy bill in half. We have done this by installing a computerized energy management system and changing our lighting inside the store.

We have worked hard to extend our green reach beyond our own company to that of our suppliers. For many years, we have consolidated shipments from multiple vendors in the bay area. So instead of four or five trucks driving up the hill, there is only one.

Utilizing local vendors is another way THM reduces our carbon footprint. We like to include local vendors from Tuolumne, Calaveras, and Amador County in our store whenever we can. Examples are: Cover’s, Abbott’s Apples, Gold Rush Honey, Orvis Ranch beef, FoCus produce items, Nature’s Granola Goodness, Calaveras Olive Oil, Timothy’s BBQ Sauce, Murphy’s Mustard, Sciabica’s Olive Oil and many others. THM carries the largest selection of local wines in our county.

Every week we recycle:

Cardboard – 1 ½ tons a week

Plastic – 600 lbs a week

Wax cardboard – ½ ton a week

Twain Harte Market’s Reusable Bags

THM encourages customers to bring their own reusable bags when shopping with us. You receive a 5 cent credit at checkout for each bag you use. Currently, we offer two different styles of THM logo bags for purchase.