Meat Specials

Black Canyon USDA Choice

London Broil

A USDA Choice Grade London Broil is a cut of beef so good you can count on it every time. We guarantee that each and every cut will be tender, juicy and flavorful. Marinate & broil for the best flavor possible!
Juicy and flavorful. Marinate & broil for the best flavor possible!

$5.59 Lb.

Full Service Meat Counter

Our prepared meat selections includes marinated chicken, fajita mix, stuffed pork chops, marinated steak, and other specialty preparations ready for dinner any night. We carry specialty meats like Elk, Buffalo, and Venison. If you don’t see the particular cut of meat you like, please ask one of our staff. Don’t forget our Sausage! No other retailer even comes close to the sausage variety and selection found at Twain Harte Market. We make it fresh right here.

Black Canyon Top Round Steaks $5.29 Lb.

USDA Choice Beef. A classic dinner entree any night of the week.

Black Canyon Cube Steaks $4.99 Lb.

USDA Choice Beef. Satisfy your craving for unbelievable beef flavor tonight!

Black Canyon Chicken Fry Steaks $4.99 Lb.

USDA Choice Beef. Bread and fry these beauties for a flavor sensation.

Seaboard Farms Boneless Chops $3.59 Lb.

All Natural Pork. Thick or Thin Cut. Delicious prepared in so many ways.

Smart Chicken Drumsticks $2.59 Lb.

Always a family favorite! Delicious hot off the grill or bake them to perfection! Family Pack.


Calamari Steaks

$6.99 Lb.

This is a great catch this week! Bread and fry as steaks or slice into strips before battering and frying for a seafood sensation!

Fresh Farmed Salmon Steaks $7.99 Lb.

Atlantic. Marinate in a little teriyaki before roasting. Great any night of the week.

Wild Caught Shrimpmeat $7.59 Lb.

Don’t forget to grab the cocktail sauce for these beauties! USA Caught. Previously Frozen.

These special prices are good Wednesday, January 15 through Tuesday, January 21, 2020.