Meat Specials

Smart Chicken

Party Wings

Now’s the time to stock up on this Father’s Day favorite. And since it’s Smart Chicken, you can feel good about serving it to your family. Always trimmed by hand and air chilled with cold air, preserving all the natural juices producing some of the finest chicken you can buy. Just fry, bake or grill them, then coat in your family’s favorite sauce. Sold in the Family Pack.
Chicken you can feel good about serving it to your family. Sold in the Family Pack.

$2.99 Lb.​

Full Service Meat Counter

Our prepared meat selections includes marinated chicken, fajita mix, stuffed pork chops, marinated steak, and other specialty preparations ready for dinner any night. We carry specialty meats like Elk, Buffalo, and Venison. If you don’t see the particular cut of meat you like, please ask one of our staff. Don’t forget our Sausage! No other retailer even comes close to the sausage variety and selection found at Twain Harte Market. We make it fresh right here.

Black Canyon Porterhouse Steaks $10.99 Lb.

Cut from the loin, this is one of our most popular cuts of beef, combining the New York and the Tenderloin into one tender, thick and juicy steak.

Black Canyon Bone-In New York Steaks $10.99 Lb.

Well-marbled tender Angus Beef that cooks up consistently tender and flavorful. A cut above the rest.

Black Canyon Chateaubriand Steaks $7.29 Lb.

This cut of beef is so big, it’s usually shared by two. It’s a classy, juicy and flavorful cut of beef for Father’s Day. 

Creekstone Farms All Naural Boneless Rib Eye Steaks $14.99 Lb.

It’s the superior quality marbling that leads to super taste and tenderness in every bite. Fire up the grill for Dad.

Seaboard Farms All Natural Marinated Pork Tri Tip $2.99 Lb.

Break from the routine and grill up some of these table tender beauties for your Father’s Day BBQ.

Wild Caught

Tuna Loin Steaks $8.29 Lb.

The meat of Tuna is deep red, firm and with a flavor that resembles beef more than fish. Enjoy Tuna steak on the grill, a barbecue favorite. Indonesia.

Norway Farmed Atlantic Salmon Fillets $12.29 Lb.

One of the most culinary versatile fish. Salmon combines well with rice, red potatoes, grilled veggies and more.

Wild Swordfish Loin Steaks $14.99 Lb.

This fish has a strong fish flavor and a high oil content. Excellent for grilling. Wild Caught in New Zealand.

Cooked Prawns $6.99 Ea.

Ready to serve! Layer on a bed of lettuce, serve in tacos or enjoy them as an appetizer. Choose Ginger Garlic or Cilantro Lime. 8 oz. Package.

These special prices are good Wednesday, June 12 through Tuesday, June 18, 2019.