Meat Specials

Black Canyon Beef


Tri Tip

5 delicious flavors to choose from. For grilling, pre-heat grill and keep on high. Place your Tri Tip on the grill and sear all sides while gently turning it with tongs. Lower heat to medium and be patient. While enjoying good conversation and refreshments occasionally turn it so it will cook evenly. Grill until internal temp. is 145°-155° (about 1-1.5 hours.) Let stand for 15 minutes. Slice, serve and enjoy…
This tender, juicy cut of meat is always a crowd favorite! 5 Delicious flavors to choose from. Ready to cook!

$8.99 Lb.​

Full Service Meat Counter

Our prepared meat selections includes marinated chicken, fajita mix, stuffed pork chops, marinated steak, and other specialty preparations ready for dinner any night. We carry specialty meats like Elk, Buffalo, and Venison. If you don’t see the particular cut of meat you like, please ask one of our staff. Don’t forget our Sausage! No other retailer even comes close to the sausage variety and selection found at Twain Harte Market. We make it fresh right here.

Black Canyon Boneless Beef Rib Eye Steaks $12.69 Lb.

Great grillers at a super price. Satisfy your craving for unbelievable beef flavor and fire up the grill.

Black Canyon Beef Tri Tip Roasts $7.99 Lb.

A very versatile cut of beef. Marinate them overnight for maximum flavor and tenderness. Always a Memorial Day crowd favorite.

Black Canyon Boneless Chuck BBQ Steaks $4.59 Lb.

Marinating solutions containing spices mixed with food acids, such as fruit juice, vinegar or wine can enhance the flavor and tenderness.

Marinated Salmon Fillets $10.99 Lb.

Choose from Cajun, Mesquite or Teriyaki

Try any of our delicious and flavorful marinated salmon this week. The cajun has a little kick, the mesquite has a wonderful smoky flavor and our teriyaki is sweet and simply divine! We’re sure once you try them, you’ll be back for more!

Smart Chicken Bone-In Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs $2.69 Lb.

Dedicated to producing the safest, highest quality chicken available–the smart choice! Family Pack.

Fresh Farmed Atlantic Salmon $11.99 Lb.

Make seafood a healthy part of your family’s Memorial Day picnic menu! Farmed in Canada.

Fresh BBQ Oysters in the Shell 89¢ Ea.

At their very best served hot off the grill. Enjoy with a squeeze of lemon or melted butter and hot sauce!

These special prices are good Wednesday, May 22 through Tuesday, May 28, 2019.