Meat Specials

Black Canyon Beef Peeled

Tri Tip Roast

USDA Choice. A legacy of Black Angus Beef – the gold standard for premium beef – consistently tender and delicious. Angus beef that has genetics that are source verified and raised humanly, with a corn based food ration that produces a well marbled tender beef.
USDA Choice Angus beef. A well marbled tender beef.

$8.49 Lb.

Full Service Meat Counter

Our prepared meat selections includes marinated chicken, fajita mix, stuffed pork chops, marinated steak, and other specialty preparations ready for dinner any night. We carry specialty meats like Elk, Buffalo, and Venison. If you don’t see the particular cut of meat you like, please ask one of our staff. Don’t forget our Sausage! No other retailer even comes close to the sausage variety and selection found at Twain Harte Market. We make it fresh right here.

Black Canyon Coulotte Steaks $8.69 Lb.

USDA Choice. Satisfy your craving for unbelievable beef flavor! These are great grillers at a super price.
From our steaks to our roasts to our ground beef, all of our rich and delicious Black Canyon beef is 100% American, grain-finished Angus. Raised by Midwest family farmers, Black Canyon is USDA certified for exceptional quality and consistency. This tender, one-of-kind beef captures the essence of premium flavor that has made Angus beef the most famous beef in the world.

Seaboard Farms Boneless Thin Cut Pork Chops $2.99 Lb.

All Natural, Center Cut Chops. Adaptable to a wide variety of flavor combinations.

Seaboard Farms Boneless Thick Cut Pork Chops $2.99 Lb.

All Natural, Center Cut Chops. A great size for stuffing!

Fontanini Sweet Italian Sausage $4.99 Lb.

Delicious grilled and served on a bun or cooked into your favorite pasta dishes. A great choice for your table this week.

Mary's Boneless Chicken Breasts $5.99 Lb.

Non-GMO. Wonderful cooked in so many ways! Bake, stuff, bread and fry or cook into casseroles or soup! A Fall classic.

Wild Caught

Ahi Tuna Steaks

$8.99 Lb.

Serve it rare or medium rare for the best flavor. Just quickly sear the outside when starting to insure the velvety texture. Enjoy a light, quick dinner that delights your taste buds.

Fresh Wild Caught Rock Cod Fillets $5.49 Lb.

This is a great catch and a very versatile fish. Batter and fry or steam.

Farmed EZ Peeled Large Prawns $8.99 Lb.

Don’t forget the Cocktail Sauce.
21-25 Count. Previously Frozen.

These special prices are good Wednesday, November 13 through Tuesday, November 19, 2019.