Produce Specials

USA Grown



Take your pick of these sweet summer slicers! Canary, Crenshaw, Galia or Orange Flesh.

$1.29 Lb.

Fresh Produce

Twain Harte Market is committed to providing our community with a wide selection of the best tasting, freshest produce on the market. Whether you are looking for natural and organic products, finding a unique ingredient for a recipe, we can meet your needs.

We believe in celebrating the harvest of the seasons with our local growing partners such as Covers.

Watermelon $5.00 Ea

These melons are vine ripened for sweeter, more fragrant melons. USA Grown.

Avocados 2 For $3

At their buttery, nutty best! Great for sandwiches or guacamole. USA Grown.

Yellow or White Nectarines $2.99 Lb.

Enjoy’s summer’s best fruit right now. CA Grown.

Red or Black Plums $1.99 Lb.

A truly superior sweet flavor that makes them a sweet choice this week. CA Grown.



$2.99 Ea.

Not only are they prized for their great flavor, they’re rich in antioxidants. Great for baking, mixed into pancakes or served over cereal. USA grown. 6 oz. Package

Navel Oranges $1.79 Lb.

Large sized, easy to peel beauties. A family snacking favorite. Grown in Chile.

Broccoli Crowns $1.79 Lb.

Just the very best part! Delicious in broccoli salad or enjoy in a stir-fry. USA Grown.

Mini Carrots $1.29 Ea.

Crunchy and full of flavor. Super for healthy snacking. USA Grown. 1 Lb. Bag.

Fresh Express Salads $2.50 Ea.

A great base to a variety of healthy salads. Choose American or Italian.

Organic Seedless Grapes $2.49 Lb.

The perfect snack any time of the day or night. Choose Red or Green. USA Grown.

Organic Yellow Peaches $3.29 Lb.

Nothing says summer like the sweet, unmistakable flavor of ripe Peaches. CA Grown.

Organic Broccoli $2.99 Ea.

Create a vegetable medley or toss broccoli florets into your favorite stir fry.CA Grown.

Organic Yellow Onions $1.29 Lb.

An all purpose onion that holds up well when cooked. CA Grown.

These special prices are good Wednesday, August 5 through Tuesday, August 11, 2020.