Produce Specials

USA Grown

Brussels Sprouts

These small heads that are compact and firm with crisp leaves and delicious flavor. Brussels Sprouts can be eaten raw, shaved for a salad. They can be steamed, sautéed or stir-fried. Cook until just tender.

$1.49 Lb.

Fresh Produce

Twain Harte Market is committed to providing our community with a wide selection of the best tasting, freshest produce on the market. Whether you are looking for natural and organic products, finding a unique ingredient for a recipe, we can meet your needs.

We believe in celebrating the harvest of the seasons with our local growing partners such as Covers.

Honeycrisp Apples $1.49 Lb.

The balance between sweet and tart seduces your taste buds and is renown for its crispness. USA Grown.

D'Anjou Pears
$1.49 Lb.

Abundantly juicy and sweet Pears. Slightly peppery and excellent for sautéing and poaching. USA Grown.

Red or Green Grapes $2.29 Lb.

A great snack. For a refreshing treat, pop them in your mouth during your next movie night. USA Grown.

Cantaloupe $2.29 Ea.

Ideal for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or mixed into a fruit salad. USA Grown.

Cauliflower $2.99 Ea.

Great raw as a healthy snack or steam and serve as a side dish. USA Grown.

Iceberg Lettuce $1.49 Ea.

Beautiful and crisp. Great for creating fresh salads or sandwiches. USA Grown.

Russet Potatoes 79¢ Lb.

Boil or mash or cut up and roast these beauties. A Fall favorite! USA Grown.



$2.29 Ea.

Prized by professional chefs and great home cooks for their lush, silky texture, mildly nutty flavor and versatility. USA or Mexico Grown.

Organic Yellow Nectarines $3.29 Lb.

Sweet, aromatic and rich, they’re bursting with a bright, juicy flavor. USA Grown.

Organic Bartlett Pears $1.79 Lb.

Sweet and juicy, great for eating fresh as a snack, poaching, baking or roasting. USA Grown.

Organic Mini Carrots $1.49 Ea.

Excellent for roasting along your favorite beef or pork roast. In the convenient 1 Lb. Bag. CA Grown.

Organic Squash $1.49 Lb.

Butternut or Delicata, take your pick this week. These beauties are always Fall favorites! USA Grown.

These special prices are good Wednesday, September 23 through Tuesday, September 29, 2020.