Produce Specials

Garden Fresh

Broccoli Crowns

100% edible and 100% delicious. Very nutritious, too! ​Full and green crowns. Great raw, in salads, steamed, excellent served with dips and fondues. USA Grown.
100% edible and 100% delicious. Very nutritious, too! Just steam and serve. USA Grown.​

$1.99 Lb.

Fresh Produce

Twain Harte Market is committed to providing our community with a wide selection of the best tasting, freshest produce on the market. Whether you are looking for natural and organic products, finding a unique ingredient for a recipe, we can meet your needs.

We believe in celebrating the harvest of the seasons with our local growing partners such as Covers.

Fresh Brussels Sprouts $1.49 Lb.

Tightly packed buds that are wonderful steamed or sautéd. USA grown.

Fresh Express Spinach $1.99 Ea.

Fresh and ready to eat right out of the bag! Wonderful with sliced apples. 8 oz. Bag.

Fresh & Sweet Bartlett Pears $1.29 Lb.

Sweet and juicy, great for eating, poaching, baking or roasting. USA grown.

Fresh Italian Squash 99¢ Lb.

Fresh squash that is wonderful sliced and sautéed or quartered and grilled. USA or Mexico Grown.

Snapping Fresh Green Beans $1.49 Lb.

Wonderful blanched and served in a salad, steamed or sautéed as a side dish. Mexico or USA grown.

Garden Fresh Asparagus $2.99 Lb.

These are beautiful apple-green colored spears with purple-tinged tips. Mexico grown.

Fresh & Tropical

Organic Pineapples

$3.49 Ea.

These sweet and juicy favorites are like a taste of sunshine! Costa Rica Grown.

Organic Red or Yellow Onions $1.29 Lb.

These onions have a strong flavor which makes it good for soups and stews. Washington grown.

Fresh Organic Red Grapes $2.49 Lb.

These are sweet, crisp, crunchy and delicious snacking grapes – with no seeds about it!  USA grown.

Fresh & Crisp Mini Carrots $1.49 Ea.

Washed and peeled and ready to serve. Great for salad or dips. Fresh in the convenient 1 Lb. Bag. USA grown.

These special prices are good Wednesday, October 16 through Tuesday, October 22, 2019.