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Enjoy the sweet taste of summer’s best fruit right now with these wonderfully sweet and juicy Plums. These beauties are picked at their peak of flavor and are sure to be the sweetest Plums of the season. CA Grown.

$1.79 Lb.


The sweetest plum! Set them out at room temperature for a few more days to make them an even sweeter treat! Top off your cereal with diced plums for a summer treat!.


These plums are sweet choice this week! Though not as sweet as black plums and with their slightly sour taste, they’re a truly delicious Summer experience!

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2 for $5

Cantaloupes are an ideal fruit for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or mixed into a fruit salad. A wonderful treat on a warm day. Perhaps our favorite way to enjoy these rich and slightly spicy melons is wrapped with a slice of prosciutto!

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A very simple Summer appetizer! Simply wrap a cantaloupe slice in a slice of proscuitto. The saltiness of the prosciutto balances beautifully with the sweet, tender cantaloupe. A must-try this week!

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Considered by many to be a Summer staple! Grab a few of our mixed melons and a watermelon and create a truly delicious experience this week!

These special prices are good Wednesday, July 8 through Tuesday, July 14, 2020.


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